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red truck driving on highway - Hisense case study

Royal is a Trusted Broker for High End Electronics – Hisense USA

As a manufacturer of cutting edge consumer electronics and appliances, Hisense USA Corporation requires reliable carrier services for delivery of products to nationwide retailers. Late deliveries and inefficient pricing structures are an ongoing concern for Supply Chain managers, deeming it necessary to identify carriers who consistently meet delivery expectations and offer competitive pricing.

Clarifying Freight Class Confusion

We know how confusing it can be to understand and navigate the freight class system for different loads. Our team put together a summary of information and answers to common questions we receive to help clarify the freight class confusion for our customers. Freight Class Overview Two...

Tips For Choosing A Load Board

When it comes to caring about the delivery, it’s natural for truck drivers and transportation specialists to be concerned with the contents of their load and the profits they’ll earn from the shipment.    Load boards are the way to go if a truck driver or a...