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When you have inventory to go out to your various locations or product to ship to your clients, you need to make sure that you have a reliable source for transportation. Flatbed trucking services can be just what you need – and at Royal Transportation Services, we can make sure that you have the fastest shipping method available.

flatbed truck shipping

Flatbed trucking services are used for a number of industries. This includes such ones as:


  • Construction
  • Lumber
  • Oil and gas


Any large, odd-shaped, or bulky item can be easily shipped using a flatbed truck. Since there are no sides or ceiling, you don’t have to worry about any obstruction standing in your way. It provides more convenience without any of the stress.

Why Use Flatbed Trucking?

There are countless reasons as to why you should use flatbed trucking for your products. Understanding the benefits will make it easier for you to introduce this shipping method into your logistics.


One of the top reasons to use a flatbed for your inventory is because of the open-air design. You can load and unload from all angles. Particularly when you have heavy objects on the bed of the truck, you can use a crane or forklift to approach the truck. If you used a standard dry van trailer, it can only be loaded and unloaded from the rear – and this can make life considerably more difficult.


When you don’t have a traditional shipping dock or you simply have objects that require a more unique method of loading and unloading, you’ll be thankful for the flatbed truck.


If you have a significant amount of lumber, oil and gas barrels, or anything else of substantial size and weight, you don’t have to get creative with shipping methods. Further, it shouldn’t be a time-consuming project to unload the truck. It’s why so many industries can benefit from flatbeds – and we’ll show you how this type of truck can work for you and your operations.

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Who We Are & What We Offer


Royal Transportation Services is a company dedicated to providing comprehensive transportation solutions. We offer flatbed freight, intermodal freight solutions, and much more. We are unique because of the customized approach that we take with each and every client. We understand that you are looking for affordable solutions to get your products from one location to another. We also understand that your growth is dependent on providing fast, trackable shipments to your customers. As a result, we offer logistics and transportation management to assist you every step of the way.


You don’t want to trust just anyone with your shipments. You need to make sure that they are affordable and will arrive when you say that they’re going to arrive. We work with a network of carriers to ensure that you have your shipments delivered in a timely manner.


Whether you have a partial load or a full load, we can make the arrangements for you. With our LTL (less than truckload) options, it ensures that you’re not spending more than necessary just because you don’t have enough for a full truckload all on your own.


It all starts by contacting us. We’ll get to know the needs of your company and can help you with all of the logistics. Whether all of your inventory goes to one place or it is being shipped all over the country, we can show you how flatbed freight and various other forms of freight can work to accommodate the needs of your business.

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