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Getting your packages to where they need to go, whether it’s a single box for a client or an entire shipping container for a new location, is of the utmost importance. Air freight shipping ensures that you don’t limit yourself to solely shipping by ground. At Royal Transportation Services, we offer you the competitive rates that you need to ensure that you can keep your clients happy while still growing your business. We offer premier logistics services nationwide, so find out why you should use our air freight transportation services below.

Understanding Air Freight

Air freight is a solution when you need to get certain products to where they need to be faster. Air freight transportation is commonly forgotten about with large shipments because many companies assume that it is cost-prohibitive. This is not always the case. At Royal Transportation Services, we provide air freight when it makes sense for your supply chain.

Whether you’re shipping across the country or overseas, air freight services can be the best option – especially when you have tight deadlines that you have to meet.

It’s also important to understand that there are limitations with air freight. The number of boxes, the overall weight, and more will need to be factored to determine if shipping by air is a logical solution for the logistics of your company.

Why Ship Air Freight?

When it comes to air freight shipping, there are a lot of benefits that you need to know about. The first and most obvious is that it’s the fastest shipping method. If you don’t have the luxury of waiting for a truck or a train to drive across the country, you can have it shipped by air so that it can arrive as early as the next day.

You can also enjoy other benefits:

  • Highly reliable delivery times
  • Cargo can be shipped virtually anywhere
  • Low insurance premiums
  • High level of security

Additionally, we have the means of providing you with the tracking that you need. This ensures that you are able to provide your clients with tracking numbers, too. They can follow it along to have an estimated delivery date for their own planning purposes.

Particularly as you grow your business and become global, you can expand your reach easily with air freight transportation. You can have the reach that you need without having to wait on ocean freight. As you become more established in different markets, we can re-evaluate your logistics to determine if air freight continues to be the best option or if you should switch to another mode of transportation.

While not all customers can benefit from air freight, many can. We will talk to you about size and weight limitations, the speed in which products can arrive, as well as the air freight rates to look forward to.

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The Benefits of Using Royal Transportation Services

At Royal Transportation Services, we are the air freight company that you can depend on for all of your shipping needs. We offer transportation and logistics management to make it easier for you to transport products within your budget while meeting all of the necessary deadlines.

You don’t have to deal with the air freight headaches on your own. Let us plan the logistics, assign the reliable carriers, facilitate the movement, and provide tracking of all shipments. You’ll find that goods can be delivered faster and more affordably by using us. Plus, we can adjust the logistics as you continue to grow your operations.

When you’re ready to learn about air freight as one of our service modes, contact us. It can be used as the only mode of transportation or in connection with trucking and rail freight. We look forward to showing you how your transportation can be simplified.