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When you are trying to get cargo to its destination, you have to look at the freight services that can be used. Rail freight is commonly used to go from coast to coast. Often, intermodal freight will be the best option – and that’s when two modes of freight are used, such as rail shipping and truck transportation.

At Royal Transportation Services, we’ll help you with all of the details. Recognized as a Red Diamond Broker, we have the history and reputation for providing outstanding service.

What is Rail Freight?

Rail freight is the use of containers loaded onto a cargo train. A variety of carriers use the rail networks to make deliveries to countless stations around the United States as well as Canada and Mexico. It is a cost-effective way to transport various items because of the low cost of trains versus trucks.


Most transportation needs are met with intermodal freight to ensure that a truck is there at the train station to take it to its final destination. Whether you have full or partial containers, the option is available to you.

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Benefits of Intermodal Freight


Rail services and intermodal freight transportation can offer you a wide array of benefits. With our premier rail logistics, we’ll show you how you can achieve lower shipping costs. Much of this is because using the railway system requires significantly less fuel. You can choose a greener form of transportation and save money.


North America has one of the most comprehensive rail networks. This allows you to send shipments to where they need to go. Whether you need something delivered to the Atlantic Coast, the Pacific Coast, or anywhere in between, we have rail carriers who can meet and exceed your needs.


intermodal freightYou can also save money because dropped intermodal container fees are less than full truckloads. This is particularly important when you need to make more space on your dock or take a few days to prepare and load one of your shipments.


Ultimately, it comes down to being able to meet the needs of your clients. When you make delivery promises, you need to come through – and we’ll show you how intermodal freight transportation can meet needs while also reducing your carbon footprint.


The best part is that you will find benefits regardless of what industry you’re in. We’ve worked with such industries as:


    • Automotive
    • Paper goods
    • Furniture
    • Sporting goods
    • Food and beverage


Find out how our logistics and transportation management can be beneficial for your operations. We’ll reduce the stress for you, negotiate the best rates, and ensure that your deliveries are organized.

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Why Choose Royal Transportation Services?

At Royal Transportation Services, we take pride in what we do. We have worked with clients of all sizes to ensure that logistics and transportation needs are met. We understand that you have unique needs for your business. In order to achieve growth, we realize that you need affordable shipping services as well as fast dispatch times.


Our logistics team will work with you every step of the way. Our high degree of logistics will help you to stay organized in order to achieve more growth. Your supply chain needs assistance and our team is capable of delivering as promised.


With our rail services, we’ll show you how rail logistics can make a big difference in your operations. Whether you have full crates or partial crates, we’ll show you what the options are when working with our network of carriers. The best way to learn more about what we can do for your business is to contact us. We’ll provide you with free quotes.