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Tips For Choosing A Load Board

Tips For Choosing A Load Board

When it comes to caring about the delivery, it’s natural for truck drivers and transportation specialists to be concerned with the contents of their load and the profits they’ll earn from the shipment. 


Load boards are the way to go if a truck driver or a fleet manager is just starting their transportation journey.


There are multiple key points to look for when searching for loads. While some load boards are offered free of charge, others require a monthly subscription. It is essential to understand the warnings and differences between the available options.


In this blog, we’ve outlined some tips on what to look for when choosing a load board so you can ultimately save money and optimize your shipments.


Subscription Load Boards

You can find the load boards online, but they require a subscription fee. The ideal cost is about $35.00; however, the more you pay, the better jobs you may find. Be careful not to spend too much on the subscription fees because you will need the workload to make it worth your while in the budget. 


The subscription-required load boards generally limit competition between drivers because they guarantee the listed jobs are being offered exclusively on their board. If you’re a member of the load board and select a specific job, you have a good chance of actually securing it for yourself. 


Free Load Boards 

Free load boards operate differently. The same jobs will appear on both platforms, but the free services can not guarantee exclusivity. If the posted jobs appear on multiple load boards, it increases the chances for competition and makes it more challenging to make money on a load. If the driver or fleet manager is not quick enough to work online, they will lose the opportunity to be awarded the job.


However, there is an advantage of using free load boards. After obtaining the job, the driver can look back and say it did not cost anything to find the run, ultimately saving money by removing the upfront costs.


Drivers and fleet managers can see a significant benefit in free load boards if they are working on keeping everything at the lowest cost possible and remaining within a limited budget.


Should I Consider a Broker? 

When starting in the trucking industry, load boards are the fastest asset for independent drivers and transportation companies. It is important not to put all the eggs in one basket when handling business. There will come a time to break away from the load boards. So how do you know when it is time? When your trucks are rolling, and business is booming, it is usually a key sign. When the time comes, working with the Royal Transportation team can give you access to the resources you need.


When you choose to work with a professional company like RTS, our team of experts can work with you throughout the logistics and transportation management process. We can help ensure you’re choosing the most cost-effective options based on the load boards to maximize your profits and cut your logistics costs.


Become a partner with Royal Transportation Services and allow us to help keep your business moving every step of the way! Contact us today and receive your first custom quote.


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