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Royal is a Trusted Broker for High End Electronics – Hisense USA

Royal is a Trusted Broker for High End Electronics – Hisense USA

As a manufacturer of cutting edge consumer electronics and appliances, Hisense USA Corporation requires reliable carrier services for delivery of products to nationwide retailers. Late deliveries and inefficient pricing structures are an ongoing concern for Supply Chain managers, deeming it necessary to identify carriers who consistently meet delivery expectations and offer competitive pricing.


Hisense originally connected with Royal Transportation Services through a referral source over eight years ago and continues to retain us as a trusted shipping broker. When evaluating Royal as an option for their logistics needs, Hisense was focused on cost improvement, on-time delivery, and experience. 

Royal is Responsive and Focused on Service

Royal seeks to partner with clients to learn their shipping and logistics priorities so that we can meet those expectations consistently. Our core values are integrity, total customer satisfaction, and a positive experience. 


The priority for Hisense was to reduce the cost of customer compliance charges for late deliveries. They also preferred to work with carriers who have technology logistics experience. Finally, they required competitive shipping rates. 


The Royal team set out to present the Hisense Supply Chain Managers with efficient shipping estimates. Once we secured our first assignments, we focused on timely delivery and a prompt response to issues or challenges. We continue to prioritize competitive shipping rates, customer service, and on-time product delivery to maintain our client’s trust and ongoing business. Hisense Supply Chain Managers noted these achievements in their decision to continually rely on our logistics processes.

Consumer Electronics Logistics

Consumer electronics and appliances are vulnerable to theft enroute to their destination and shipping damage. Therefore, logistics must be carefully planned and tracked. To ensure end to end stability and integrity, Royal partners with carriers who specialize in electronics transport. We not only monitor the safety records of our carriers, but we also assess regional risks on a regular basis to employ preventative measures as needed. Our account managers are available 24/7 for support, up to date tracking information, and incident resolution. 


With our logistics coordination, manufacturers like Hisense benefit from higher delivery completion rates with minimized damage and loss. The Royal management team maintains open lines of communication with Hisense Supply Chain Managers and their contacts to ensure that all issues are addressed directly and quickly. When challenges are identified, Hisense appreciates our regular updates, responsive action, and commitment to resolving the matter correctly. 

Clear and Affordable Billing

Here at Royal, we believe that transparency in billing allows for a productive sales process. Hisense Supply Chain Managers noted that invoices are easy to review and allow them to avoid accounting questions. We strive to offer the best shipping rates and straightforward information when providing estimates so that our customers can effectively budget their shipping time and costs. 


Royal is proud to be a preferred shipping broker for Hisense USA Corporation. We know that they have many options when arranging logistics for their nationwide deliveries, and we will continue to earn their business by delivering innovative solutions at affordable pricing with accurate timelines.

Supply Chain Solutions

Royal Transportation Services prioritizes customer satisfaction for distributors in consumer electronics and many other industries. We treat each shipment like it is our own, ensuring proper handling, safe transport, and timely delivery. To learn more about how our services can improve your supply chain efficiency, contact our team today here.

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