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Case Studies

Case Study - AIS - Truck driving through snow covered mountains

Royal Supports Sustainability Goals Through Shipping – AIS

AIS prioritizes sustainability in all of their processes, including shipping and delivery. As a leading manufacturer of affordable office furniture and work systems, AIS has been committed to lean manufacturing and earth-friendly practices for over 30 years. Their products are made in the USA and shipped throughout North America. Royal is proud to be a trusted shipping partner for efficient and timely delivery. 

red truck driving on highway - Hisense case study

Royal is a Trusted Broker for High End Electronics – Hisense USA

As a manufacturer of cutting edge consumer electronics and appliances, Hisense USA Corporation requires reliable carrier services for delivery of products to nationwide retailers. Late deliveries and inefficient pricing structures are an ongoing concern for Supply Chain managers, deeming it necessary to identify carriers who consistently meet delivery expectations and offer competitive pricing.