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Royal Supports Sustainability Goals Through Shipping – AIS

Royal Supports Sustainability Goals Through Shipping – AIS

AIS prioritizes sustainability in all of their processes, including shipping and delivery. As a leading manufacturer of affordable office furniture and work systems, AIS has been committed to lean manufacturing and earth-friendly practices for over 30 years. Their products are made in the USA and shipped throughout North America. Royal is proud to be a trusted shipping partner for efficient and timely delivery. 


Royal has been working with AIS to move their furniture and office systems safely since 2015. When asked why AIS continually partners with us as a shipping broker, they highlighted our timely delivery, reasonable costs, and reliability.

RTS Communicates with Us and with Our Customers

Royal is focused on building relationships with our clients so that we can meet the supply chain needs that are most valuable to them. We consider ourselves partners with manufacturing companies like AIS, which means that their goals become our goals. The receiving customer’s shipping and delivery experience ultimately reflects back on AIS, so we set out to make sure it is an excellent one. This is the foundation of our core values: integrity, total customer satisfaction, and a positive experience.


truck driving by mountainsAIS values communication, specifically keeping customers up to date with transport logistics. They appreciate that Royal’s account managers provide timely tracking information and maintain open lines of contact with the drivers. Due to competitive pricing and solid carrier reliability, AIS consistently trusts Royal as one of their select shipping brokers.

Office Furniture Logistics

Furniture transport logistics involve managing heavy weights and bulky cargo. It is common for furniture to be shipped partially or fully assembled, which requires careful handling and long load times. Rather than uniform sized boxes, furniture is often placed on pallets that cannot be stacked and must be carefully arranged within the shipping containers.


Royal’s logistics coordinators take these unique load requirements and the time they consume into consideration by prioritizing carriers for AIS that accept drop trailer loads. In adherence to sustainability initiatives, Royal additionally identifies carriers who can coordinate multiple stop shipments. This reduces shipping costs and the carbon footprint of delivering to several endpoints in one trip.


As a broker with a full network of carriers in trucking, air, rail, and ocean freight, Royal has the capacity to move office furniture safely and efficiently. We streamline the process so that the customers of AIS can take delivery of their new office furniture and get their business up and running on schedule.

Honest and Efficient

At Royal, total customer satisfaction is a promise to our customers and their customers. AIS noted that our team is honest, easy to work with, and efficient. Their Supply Chain Managers appreciate that we keep everyone in the process informed so that there is full transparency from end to end.


AIS has their choice of carriers and brokers for shipping office furniture throughout North America, and Royal is proud to be a preferred resource for their needs. We will continue to earn their business with timely delivery, excellent communication, and attention to sustainability. 

Supply Chain, Logistics, and Transportation Services

Royal Transportation Services prioritizes customer satisfaction for manufacturers in many industries. We treat each shipment like it is our own, ensuring proper handling, safe transport, and timely delivery. To learn more about how our services can improve your supply chain efficiency, contact our team today.

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