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Royal Recognizes National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Royal Recognizes National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

From September 10th-16th, Royal Transportation Services is joining in the celebration of the 3 and a half million men and women who transport materials and products around the country. Professional truck drivers impact every facet of our lives. They work hard to make sure our communities, workplaces, and homes have the resources and goods we need. Royal truly appreciates their contribution to our economy and national welfare.

Truck driving is a challenging, yet rewarding career. All the advanced technology in the world cannot replace the conscientious humans behind the wheel who take their part in the supply chain seriously and who are wholly committed to keeping our highways safe. We depend on their dedication to safety, security, and efficiency on our roadways and in the logistics process.

For Everything You Own, Thank a Trucker

The precise impact trucks and their drivers have on the average person, family, or community is difficult to measure. Any one of us can look around our home, car, workplace, or the marketplace and realize that almost everything we see, use, wear, or eat was on a truck at some point. 

During this week, it’s important to take note of the kind of work our nation’s professional truck drivers are doing to move these resources from place to place. Truck drivers: 

  • Brave every kind of weather element throughout the year 
  • Operate on flexible schedules that sometimes require them to change their plans on short notice 
  • Manage tight deadlines while navigating the challenges of traffic and road construction 
  • Mitigate the risks of crashes by responding appropriately to unsafe conditions caused by drivers in other vehicles 
  • Communicate emergencies quickly to fellow drivers and emergency response teams
  • Spend days or weeks away from their families and home to complete their work

Distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, retail establishments, and other industries are able to produce their products and meet their customer supply expectations because truck drivers adhere to rigorous standards for safety, timeliness, and quality delivery.

Truck Driver Impact on National Safety

Professional truck driver associations, such as the American Trucking Association, work as advocates to influence policy at the local, state, and national levels. Because truck drivers live and work in every state, they have a powerful voice with legislators.

The trucking industry takes an interest in many issues that affect safety, effectiveness, and labor issues. Advocates are organized across the country to gain government support for issues such as:

  • Road safety, improvement, widening, and strengthening
  • Effective on board technology
  • Environmental protection and conservation
  • Driver rest, hours, training, and conduct concerns
  • Hazardous material, heavy loads, and oversized cargo regulations
  • Livestock and food safety matters
  • Cargo security, emergency preparedness, and border security
  • Taxes and fees

Truck drivers do not just play an important role in moving resources, but they also have an influence over the policies that get those resources around the country in the best way possible.

Transportation for Daily Living

Royal is grateful to work with over 10,000 carriers worldwide who employ and hire professional truck drivers. These hard working men and women keep the supply chain in motion every day so that we can all go about our daily lives at work and at home.To gain access to our network of high-quality carriers and strengthen your supply chain, contact us for a freight quote.

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