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RTS Launches New Quoting Tool: Royal Freight Rates

RTS Launches New Quoting Tool: Royal Freight Rates

In your job, you know how valuable time is, and so the things that can save you time are pretty amazing. That’s why we’re so excited to announce the launch of a new quoting tool, Royal Freight Rates!


The guide below will take a deeper look at the site with step-by-step instructions so that you can start using the site quickly and get some of the common questions answered up front.


In the past, there have been several avenues you could take to get a quote with RTS. Now, the process is straightforward and streamlined with the new Royal Freight Rates quoting tool.


This new resource is accessible through a dedicated website to allow easy access to custom quotes with detailed information, and most importantly, in a speedy manner. 


Please note that our main website,, is still active and will remain the primary source of information about RTS. The new Royal Freight Rates website is an additional tool to help you in an additional capacity.


Before we begin, it’s important to first know where you’re going! You can view the new site by visiting directly, or through our main website and clicking the “Get Quote” button on the home page.


Royal Freight Rates Home Page


Step #1:  Location

Enter your start and end destinations into the search bar. This can be either through zip code or city. A drop-down menu will appear with specific location suggestions once you’ve begun typing for a quicker search.


Step #2: Date

From the calendar option, select the date of your shipment. You can also simply type in the date, as well. 


Step #3: Mode

From the drop-down menu, select which mode of transportation you’ll be requiring: Van, Reefer, or Flatbed. 


Once these first 3 steps are completed, click “Get a quote.” 


Step #4: Confirm Search Criteria

The website will then load your shipment information to a preview page. This is where you can view a map of your shipment distance and confirm that all aspects of your search criteria have been entered correctly. 


Royal Freight Rates Preview Page


Step #5: Provide Your Email

If the information is correct, go ahead and select “Login or Signup to get a quote.” 


If it’s your first time using the service, we ask you to make an account. If you’re returning, you can simply sign in to your account. 


The system will automatically save all of your searches to your account profile, so you can return to view your quotes at a later time. You can view your saved searches anytime in the “My Quotes” section. 


Step #6: Receive Your Quote

Once you have successfully logged in, the estimated quote will appear.


The quoted price will automatically include your gas costs and the fee of partnering with RTS. Our program is updated daily with the current market prices from the DAT database. 


The rate is subject to change if the shipment differs from the information that was provided or if any accessorial services are requested, such as a liftgate or residential pick up. Rates are also only available for 7 days.


This will allow you to skip all of the extra confusion on the back end, and instead, receive our complete quote right away! If you find the quote satisfactory, you will have the option to officially “Submit to RTS.” At this time, you will be prompted to fill out a more detailed contact form with all of the information for your specific shipment. Once we’ve received your submission, a member of the RTS Team will contact you shortly to confirm. 


Royal Freight Rates Final Quote Page




            Is there a fee for using Royal Freight Rates?

                          No, this is a free service for anyone to use at this time. This may be subject to change in the future. 


           Does searching on Royal Freight Rates automatically mean I have to use RTS?

                        No, this is simply a quoting resource for new and existing customers. There is no commitment to partner with RTS when using this service.

                        Once you’ve received your quote, you will be prompted to select if you would like to contact RTS further.


          Is there a limit to how many times I can use Royal Rates?

                       No, there is no limit. We invite you to access this service as needed. 



Have any additional questions? The RTS Team would be happy to help clarify and answer questions! Contact us today by calling (215) 322-8845 or email us at 


We hope you find Royal Freight Rates to be an innovative, informative, and integral service in the movement of your shipments moving forward!


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