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LTL vs Partial Truckload

LTL vs Partial Truckload

LTL vs Partial Truckload 

When in the market for a shipping provider and shipping rates, your goal is to maximize space. Should you go with a partial truckload or a Less Than Truckload with an LTL freight provider? While you might have thought these were the same type of haul, there are reasons to choose either an LTL or partial truckload. Consider what the differences between each so you can choose the right truckload service for your shipment. 

What is LTL Freight?

If you have freight that is a single pallet or a few hundred pounds, then you will be using an LTL shipper in most instances. Otherwise, you risk overpaying with a partial truckload. A less than truckload or LTL shipment is measured according to weight or pallet size. For a typical LTL freight load, the size ranges from 200 to 5,000 pounds. This is also the preferred shipping method for freight on between one and six pallets. Here you have a shipment that does not take up the entire trailer, but you do share the cargo space with other shipping customers.

The idea is that you are saving money on shipping costs thanks to the decreased fuel and space needed for your load. LTL shipping is also well suited for local and regional deliveries. Also, with LTL freight you most often use straight trucks also known as box trucks. These are 23 feet in length and far shorter than the 53-foot trailers of big rigs. As a result, freight rates can be less expensive simply based on the smaller footprint of the equipment and truck driver.

What is a Partial Truckload?

A partial truckload is a freight haul that weighs more than an LTL load but less than a full truckload. Keep in mind we are talking about standard freight. For a partial truckload, the weight is between 6,000 and 27,000 pounds or the equivalent of eight to 18 pallets of freight.

When to Choose LTL Versus Partial Truckload

When you have freight that is partial truckload, you are not bound by a freight class. This means you can choose the cheapest mode based on your budget. In addition, you are less likely to be stuck with a more costly rate due to a lack of options.

For example, with partial truckload hauls, you can use one truck for all of your freight rather than have to load and reload cargo for an LTL shipment. This ensures less opportunity for damage, loss, or theft. More importantly, you save time on having to handle cross-docking as you do with LTL freight.

Choosing the Best Freight Mode

One way to ensure you always have the best freight rates is to use the services we offer at Royal Transportation Services. We are your comprehensive cargo shipping specialists. Along with LTL and partial truckload freight, we also offer total logistics and supply chain services. Let us secure the best freight rates for your shipments. Contact Royal Transportation Services at 215-322-8845 to get your custom quote today.

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