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Shipping furniture can be an overwhelming process due to the weight and bulky size. Whether you’re moving tables, sofas, or any other type of furniture, it’s important to consider the logistics. Particularly when you’re moving large quantities, you want a fast, affordable shipping method. Royal Transportation Services offers professional logistics management for furniture shipping.

The Importance of Furniture Logistics

There are many modes of transportation that you can explore for furniture shipping, whether it’s going up the coast or across the country. Popular modes include:


Often, intermodal shipping is the most effective as it allows you to tap into multiple carriers that can offer you the fastest method of shipping. It’s also easier to offload a container at a shipping dock than it is to unload an entire truck.

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Your goal is to align production with transport capacities – and this is when it can be beneficial to tap into professional logistics services. We’ll help with all of the details and work with our network of carriers to find the best solution. We can simulate the routes and tours to ensure you know where things will be and when.


Especially when you’re looking to expand your operations and improve productivity, you need to be able to deliver on promises. If you make your customers wait longer than anticipated for shipments, it can end up costing you a significant amount of business. We specialize in communication and will be able to provide you with real-time updates and customer notifications.


With furniture shipping, you run into added problems because of the weight of your shipments as well as the bulky nature. Most pieces of furniture aren’t going to fit comfortably into a box. Instead, you’re going to be dealing with shrink wrapping, pallets, and the inability to stack on top of each other. As such, you run into an issue that many shipping companies are incapable of handling.

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Why Choose Royal Transportation Services

You don’t want to deal with the hassle of finding the best way to transport furniture, especially when you’re responsible for shipping all over the country. At Royal Transportation Services, we do it all – truckload, air, rail, and ocean. We have a large network of carriers that we work with to ensure that your shipments get to where they need to go while helping you to stay under budget.


If shipping is what’s standing in between you and expansion, it’s time to tap into supply chain and logistics management – and this is where our experience can work in your favor. We’ll handle all of the details of how to get the furniture from you to everywhere that it needs to go. Whether you regularly ship to the same place or if every shipment goes to different destinations, we can accommodate you.


We will work to save you time, reduce your costs, and increase your reliability. We have a team that works 24/7 to focus on your furniture shipping and logistics. We’ll show you how you can be more efficient by turning over some of the responsibilities to us.


Let our team of experts show you that furniture transportation can be easier. Contact us today to learn more about our award-winning logistic processes and how they can be used in your operations.